Items Needed

For Hospital Bags
Sweatpants (all sizes), sweatshirts (all sizes), socks (all sizes), Ziploc bags, travel-size toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, individually wrapped maxi-pads, small stuffed animals.

For Our Volunteers
Gift certificates (e.g., restaurants, manicures, movie rental, etc.) or tickets (e.g., sporting events, plays, movies, etc.), or any type of rewarding giveaway.

For Training and Support Groups
Grocery store gift cards, coffee, disposable cups, bottled water, pop, paper plates, napkins, cups, coffee stirrers, plastic silverware

For Prevention Presentations (For Youth)
Bags of individually wrapped candy

If you have any questions about a donation, or would like to arrange a drop-off, please contact the executive director at (330) 339-2504 or